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Traditionally, it’s been a safe bet that a band with no original members is well past its freshness date. Yet despite Napalm Death’s numerous personnel changes—its debut Scum alone sported two different lineups—the nearly 20-year-old moniker is one of the most dependable brand names in metal. And Napalm Death’s new full-length, Enemy of the Music Business—which features a quintet that hasn’t changed for almost a decade—is a wise shift back toward grindcore, the speed-metal/punk fusion the band single-handedly created in the latter half of the ’80s. Getting faster as they grow grayer, the members of Napalm have concocted a brilliant blur of evil tremolo-picked guitars, impossibly precise blast beats, and death grunt vocals on their latest—all in all, a choice slab of headbanging joy. They play with Soylent Green, Isis, Diecast, and Decapitate at 7:15 p.m. at Jaxx, 6355 Rolling Road, West Springfield. $15. (703) 569-5940. (Brent Burton)