Will the oppressive yoke of the District’s snack tax be lifted from city residents at last? Can yet one more reason for D.C. citizens to loathe the tyranny of the U.S. Congress be found? A tale of two press releases, both issued to the media by the Office of the Chief Financial Officer of the District of Columbia:

* June 1, 2001: “DC Ends the Snacks Tax!” Citing “a great reason to celebrate,” this press release announced that the 5.75 percent sales tax on individual snack items would be repealed on June 5. Among the foods covered under the repeal, according to the CFO’s office, are “potato chips, pretzels, packaged popcorn, canned and bottled juice and soda, candy bars and bubble gum.”

* June 4, 2001: “Change of Effective Date for Snack Tax Repeal” Oops! The snack tax stays in place for the moment, “due to an extended congressional review period.” The estimated repeal date is now June 13. The release does warn local businesses that “the repeal of the snack tax is imminent,” despite the delay. —Richard Byrne