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Dear Dave Matthews: I’ve had a “Crush” on you for a long time. In high school, I would sit Under the Table and Dreaming, waiting patiently for the day you would “Crash Into Me.” But alas, it never came, and so Everyday I Remember Two Things about you that give me comfort: your lovely, lulling voice and your adorable mug. And on the rare occasion when memories aren’t enough, I often find myself Before These Crowded Streets, looking for your gorgeous face. And so, naturally, I was more than ecstatic to hear about your upcoming concert. But Dave, that excitement quickly dimmed when I realized that Macy Gray—whose Donald Duck-ish voice and Prozac-juiced lyrics I abhor—would be opening for you. Well, thanks to her lessons On How Life Is, I’ve learned that with the good comes the bad. So I’m looking forward to seeing you at 6 p.m. at RFK Stadium, 22nd and East Capitol Streets NE. $48.50. (202) 432-7328. (Maori Karmael Holmes)