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Your Loose Lips item on Harold Brazil’s apparent involvement in an aborted personal-injury lawsuit involving one of his own constituents (“Ambulance Chaser?” 6/22) somehow let a chief culprit off the hook. By his own admission, Willie “Don” Matthews’ lawsuit was frivolous and without merit. “Just a scratch” is how he described his injury, “only a scratch.” Despite his claim that he was manipulated all along, it was he who agreed to see the doctor, wear the “lawsuit wardrobe” (knee brace), and proceed with the suit. And, as you say, he “thought the lawsuit was on course.” Then, when it turns out that the target (an insurance company) didn’t exist, and one of his cohorts in the frivolous suit figured he could still pick up some crumbs by coming after Matthews instead, we’re supposed to see him as a victim? By portraying him that way, your column served only to reinforce the belief that everyone is entitled to sue, no matter how meritless the claim, as long as it’s just some nameless giant insurance company that’s the victim, and also the belief that it’s somehow completely the fault of unscrupulous lawyers and doctors that the tort system is abused by people who confuse it with the state lottery. Like every other plaintiff hoping to cash in without any justification, Matthews has only himself to blame—and as for the outcome, it serves him right.

Arlington, Va.