In his article on the Maccabiah Games (Cheap Seats, “Collateral Damage,” 6/29), Dave McKenna interjects that “Israel still holds a big lead, body-count-wise, in the latest round of West Bank-related violence.”

A statement like that requires some elucidation, so here’s a typical composite event that leads to this body count: Three armed Palestinians shoot at a group of Israeli civilians, killing two Jews and also killing a Palestinian (by mistake). The Israeli police kill the three Palestinian gunmen before they can shoot any more children, elderly, or anyone at all. Body count score: 4 Palestinians, 2 Israelis.

By the way, because much of the Arab clergy has targeted Jews all over the world, and preaches great heavenly rewards for those who kill any Jews, does the body count include, say, the rabbi killed by a Palestinian in Switzerland in June?