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I saw him….He wasn’t invisible to me (“Invisible Man,” 7/6). As a matter of fact, when I first walked into the courtroom and saw him, it was instant attraction. In a sickening way, I looked forward to going in the courtroom and watching him (I mean his trial). But then, after I heard the testimony and I talked to some of my lawyer friends and cop friends who schooled me on his background, I felt ill.

That was until I had the opportunity to talk to him. Yes, talk to him…and look behind his wire-frames and get close enough to look into his eyes, and be silently thanked with a contagious smile that spread across his face when I told him good luck.

No, he wasn’t invisible to me at all. To be honest, he looked just like the type of man I would walk up to and give my phone number; ask out to lunch, dinner, or breakfast; allow in my home, my family, and my world. But with caution. Because there are a lot of people who I know call him callous, evil, crazy, psychopathic, and a menace. I didn’t see that, though.

Wow—on second thought, maybe (the real) Corey Moore is invisible.