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I had a chance to read your story about the media frenzy around the missing intern (“Summer of Chandra,” 7/20). The disappearance of Chandra Levy has almost all the aspects seen in other media-feeding-frenzy celebrity scandals in the ’90s (the O.J. trial, the Olympic Park bombing, the murder of JonBenét Ramsey, the Clinton-Lewinsky mess, the Elián Gonzalez case). The one thing that hasn’t been found is the location of the missing intern. This story has taken one turn after another, but it hasn’t done one thing. The missing intern hasn’t been found.

On the other hand, this story has been overexposed just like the other scandals I’ve mentioned before. It’s less about justice and more about what sells papers. Really important stories like the shooting deaths of civilians and forced confessions perpetrated by the Prince George’s County Police should get more attention, because they affect more people, but they don’t sell papers for the big newspaper companies or the major networks.

This story has put legitimate missing-persons cases on the back burner. It’s sad not knowing what happens to your loved ones. The news I want from this is that a body is found and/or the parties responsible have been caught and punished. This is one reason why we hate the media.

Capitol Heights, Md.