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1. It has been implied that somebody called Chandra Levy’s boss and ratted on her, leading her to lose her job. Has anybody talked to the boss and found out who that somebody was? Could it have been a Condit staff member?

2. Levy last saw Condit April 28. He says they parted then, to meet again in California. She’s obsessed with him, she’s madly in love with him, she’s going to leave Washington on May 6 presumably forever—do we really think she’d sit still for not seeing him even once between April 28 and May 6? Not very likely. Condit lied about this conversation, obviously.

3. No woman, anywhere, leaves her apartment and goes out into downtown Washington without her purse. Doesn’t happen—unless she’s going to meet her paranoid boyfriend who says she can’t carry ID.

Keep up the terrific coverage (“Summer of Chandra,” 7/20).

Guelph, Ontario