As some famous character once said, “Me thinks thou protesteth too much” about the whole Chandra Levy situation (“Summer of Chandra,” 7/20). As one of the folks living in the Southeast section of D.C. so aptly said, “Who the fuck cares?” I am sure that there are untold missing persons from around the D.C. area, but do any of these situations get this ridiculous amount of press? We all know they don’t. Do the so-called media need to cover this thing to death—oops, perhaps the wrong choice of words, but then again, who knows?

Finally on this subject, if Levy was abducted, murdered, or whatever, why should she be anywhere in this vicinity? I would think that the authorities would realize that soon enough, particularly since there has yet to be an acknowledgment of foul play.

However, thank you very much for your article on Jerry Gray and the recent goings-on at WAMU (“The Last Round-Up,” 7/20). With two noncommercial stations in the market and plenty of available programming from NPR, PRI, and the stations themselves, why is all of the duplication necessary between WAMU and WETA? Ah yes, the old ratings game—anything for bigger Arbitron numbers. Unfortunately, this does nothing for the longtime fans of bluegrass, country swing, or anything else that was put out to pasture and replaced by the historically rated programs.

And I love the way the WAMU staff can now say, “Now you can keep your dial set on our station to get all of your news in the afternoon and evening.” Just a minor slap at their unnamed competitor, WETA.

Alexandria, Va.