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Thank you for the excellent article on Jerry Gray (“The Last Round-Up,” 7/20). It is a shame that WAMU’s management thinks that by dropping bluegrass from the station they will pick up a more affluent audience. In reality, they will lose the one show that distinguished the station from all the others—and my support. Nothing beat getting out of the office early, putting the top down on my convertible, and leaving all of Washington’s worries behind to the down-home voice of Jerry Gray. The same could be said for Saturdays.

What will they get rid of next? Pull the plug on Car Talk? I mean, who needs to listen to that with WAMU’s target audience being Lexus drivers?

I am in my late 20s and professional, and I probably fit the description of affluent, and until that I hear that Gray’s show is back on the air, my radio will stay tuned to AM (WTOP or Imus) to get my news, and CDs or commercial radio to enjoy the drive.

Arlington, Va.