I am disgusted and appalled by Annys Shin’s article “Grits and

Granola” (7/13).

Out of more than 8,000 residents, Shin managed to interview the ones with the most negative attitudes, the nastiest habits (chewing tobacco), and the most ignorance (Bass’ patrons who don’t even live in Mount Rainier).

For your information, Ms. Shin, I purchased my single-family home in Mount Rainier because:

1. This full-service city has its own library, post office, fire department, police department, and public works department.

2. The many churches (not just the two in the article) represent a multitude of beliefs and reflect a faith-based community.

3. The excellent, affordable mass transit (although I have a car) and the ample shopping venues provide necessities and luxuries alike.

4. On my government-employee salary, my 1,500-square-foot home with a 6,000-square-foot lot would still be a dream deferred if I had chosen to live in the District, Montgomery County, or Virginia.

5. Most important, being a Mount Rainier resident allows me to enjoy my neighbors, participate in local government and volunteer opportunities, and appreciate the best of both worlds—a small-town municipality with access to Washington, D.C., and beyond.

In case you haven’t noticed, Ms. Shin: Very few communities inside the Beltway have “white-tablecloth restaurants”; “Granola Glut” is not the reason I came to Mount Rainier; Michael Lawson won because he is a “proven revitalizer”; Malvin Steinback Jr. lost because of irresponsible, unappealing campaign promises and serious personal issues; and belittling our chief of police, (“Chief-in-a-Box”) Herbert “Fred” Keeney, is the final indicator that your degree by mail is wasted ink, paper, and postage.

Mount Rainier, Md.