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How refreshing to read a piece that contains half the necessary facts, reveals the author’s research to be glaringly incomplete, and demonstrates an ignorance of neighborhood history and sentiment (Loose Lips, 7/20).

Perhaps a little more examination would have revealed the true nonprofit nature of Home Run Baseball, elementary baseball, and John McCarthy’s efforts in the impoverished Caribbean basin.

Perhaps the writer, Jonetta Rose Barras, should view the Today piece on Home Run Baseball to find the real story.

Perhaps seeking actual verbatim from District officials would have allowed readers to understand the high regard this program has within the District government. Did Barras miss the honors and accolades our local government has bestowed on the organization? Did she even bother to ask?

Perhaps the real story of a Washington native giving back to his community doesn’t provide enough fodder for the author’s smear cannon.

One thing is clear: Your reporter should focus her energies on fixing her appalling style and composition deficiencies, rather than spewing misplaced vitriol.

American University Park