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It’s always the holier-than-thou in the independent scene that will make silly generalizations (What Goes On, “Home Stifling Home,” 7/27). They’re also the same people who glorify the past by writing books (not to dis Mark Jenkins) and the like, yet express disdain for the independent things people are doing today. It’s always better in the past, you know. While I think it is important to document indie subculture, I also think Michael Azerrad’s pages would have been better spent on the people who are making music now. But maybe he’ll do that in 10 years, after it’s been validated by everyone else.

I wonder what Azerrad would say about the indie label my friends created in Laramie, Wyo.? Now that’s unlikely. New York City doesn’t foster the kind of boredom/desperation/ alienation that’s so important in motivating kids to start labels and bands. Why do you think places like Omaha, Neb., are so prolific right now?

Portland, Ore.