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In “Sex and the Single JAP” (“Summer of Chandra,” 7/20), Elissa Silverman perpetuates unfair stereotypes about Jewish women; her analysis made even more suspect because she uses Chandra Levy and Monica Lewinsky as examples. Levy was indeed born Jewish, but whatever Jewish upbringing she had is questionable. Her mother admits to practicing a blend of Judaism, Christianity, and Buddhism—which makes one wonder how much of a Jewish education she had. Lewinsky, on the other hand, is not even Jewish. True, her father was born Jewish, but he was hardly a practicing Jew. Her mother was mainstream Protestant which, by traditional Jewish law, puts her outside the “tribe.” (Jewish tribal identity is matrilinear.) Lewinsky was raised as a mainstream Protestant WASP wannabe with no Jewish education other than the social interaction she had with her paternal grandparents. So, Ms. Silverman, please get your facts straight before jumping to unsubstantiated conclusions about Jewish women.

Arlington, Va.