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So often, the “fine line between clever and stupid” involves beer. Which is why the fact that Visions Cinema Bistro Lounge is presenting a screening of This Is Spinal Tap while serving alcoholic beverages is dangerously brilliant. Though the film is a sobering look at the sad and hilarious realities of band life, it is also cause to raise high your glass and drink deep in celebration of what I am just flat-out going to call our national band. Even though Spinal Tap is, in some technical sense, British, its plucky combination of innocent enthusiasm and ignorant swagger—served with a loud metal wallop—seems particularly American. The recent VH1 show Bands on the Run only reaffirmed why the film, and band, remain a touchstone and why Messrs. Reiner, McKean, Guest, and Shearer are due the Nobel Prize for Rock. Tonight’s screening begins at midnight at Visions, 1927 Florida Ave. NW. $5. (202) 667-0090. (Dave Nuttycombe)