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So you wanted your kids to have the benefit of imagination-stretching literature. You’d heard that the Harry Potter books taught all kinds of Latin roots that might help ’em on the SATs. Plus, your kids were showing no other signs of abnormality. So you bought ’em the books. You can take ’em to the movie. But beware: The trading cards are going too far. Get ’em testing their wizardry skills against other pretend Hogwarts students and you, my friend, will have spawned a light-sabre-wielding, Middle-earth-dwelling, zero-charisma-point-possessing geek. Protect yourself against having a grandchild named Neville and don’t take ’em to the Harry Potter Trading Card Game Demonstration at 11 a.m. at Springfield Mall’s Center Court, 6509 Springfield Mall, Springfield. Free. (703) 924-2381. (Caroline Schweiter)