I had just finished tying my Stan Smiths when I looked up to see the hem of a fur coat, high-top red Reeboks, and a pair of 2-liter-bottle-sized calves: Martina Navratilova had arrived for her match. As I crouched next to the net, and topspun forehands whizzed across the court, I realized one thing: Tennis can be appreciated only in person, the way I saw it. Back in my ballgirl days, the game still had flamboyance—not to mention Andre Agassi in acid-washed shorts. Which makes me wonder today: Does Agassi keep those oldies but goodies stowed in the closet, for car washing and occasional gardening with Steffi? I might ask when Agassi plays in this year’s Legg Mason Tennis Classic, which also features 2000 tournament winner Alex Corretja and Rockville native Paul Goldstein. The third day of competition begins at 4 p.m. at the FitzGerald Tennis Center, 16th and Kennedy Streets NW. $23-$35. (202) 432-7328. (Elissa Silverman)