City Desk

Item #1630235091 on eBay last Tuesday might make you rethink that next glass of District tap water. The proffered service was dubbed “Piss on Washington, DC, literally,” and its provider (dave.tingley@ offered the auction’s high bidder a chance to send up to 32 ounces of urine to be poured into “a Potomac tributary flowing through my property.” Citing the Boston Tea Party as an expression of “the hallowed tradition of wet political expression,” the auctioneer enthused that “the next day, as you think about all the bureaucrats in every acronymed named bureaucracy drinking their morning coffee, you will have a feeling of satisfaction that is just plain indescribable.” The auction was open only to U.S. citizens, wrote the seller, so “if you are some third world dictator still pissed off because our president bombed your country to distract people from his domestic problems, too bad.” —Richard Byrne