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I liked your article on Wham-O vs. Discraft (“Slipped Disc,” 8/10). I started Ultimate when the Wham-O 165g. was the disc. I like the UltraStar much better. It’s better plastic.

In my opinion, Wham-O made a bid to get back into Ultimate a couple of times. I tried a couple of their prototypes. Pure junk. They’ll never get back in. Too bad for them. They have a product that is of poor quality now.

I have a Frisbie pie tin and a first-series Frisbee (right after the Pluto Platter). Maybe you could have mentioned that a Frisbie pie tin will bring over $100 bucks, more on eBay.

By the way, your article will get read by a lot of Ultimate players.

Huntsville, Ala.