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Just when you thought it was safe to wander into the deep, dark woods, snatch a fluffy, 8-inch owl from a branch, and stuff it down your trousers: According to the Western North Carolina Nature Center, the screech owl—and believe me, we have screech owls in every nook and cranny around these parts—is a cute but naughty bird with a hankerin’ for mice…and mayhem. With their dinky size and James Bond-like adaptability, screechies are “fierce hunters” often found living in close proximity to highways and homes. The WNC Nature Center reports: “People with large picture windows and sliding glass doors near wooded areas…are sometimes surprised by owls which accidentally fly into the glass.” Screech, indeed: All of a sudden, that guy from Saved by the Bell just doesn’t seem so innocent anymore. Keep your hands to yourself when the “Hawks and Owls” presentation begins, at 6 p.m. at Lawrence Park, 5040 Walney Road, Chantilly. Free. For reservations, call (703) 631-0013. (Sean Daly)