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Don’t look now, but the pirate outfit is making a comeback. Once a mere fallback for uninspired Halloweens, the costume is fast becoming a scintillating favorite with the over-11 crowd, from the cafes of Soho to the runways of Paris. Nothing says, “I’m bad, but I’m funny, matey” like the pirate look. Begin with the basics—a puffy white shirt, some ripped-up black pants, and the all-important eye patch. Then accessorize. Hang a cutlass from your belt. Sport a handlebar mustache. Train a parrot to sit on your shoulder and say, “Polly wants an orange.” (Scurvy jokes are such the rage this season.) Dust off your peg leg, polish your hook-for-a-hand, and make a splash when the National Maritime Heritage Foundation hosts a pirate feast (complete with “flowing grog”) aboard the good ship Celebrity. Meet at 7 p.m. at the Washington Marina, 1300 Maine Ave. SW. $100 (requested donation). (202) 547-1250. (Felix Gillette)