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A college roommate once came home excited about some photos she had taken over spring break that she claimed were full of wild, pulsating colors. But the pictures she produced were only of her and her friends in their hotel room, or playing on a seesaw, or sitting in a hot tub. “Oh, and I was on mushrooms when I took these,” she explained, giggling at what she realized had been her enhanced perceptions. Perhaps if I had had synesthesia, a condition in which people experience an involuntary linking of the senses, I might have been less underwhelmed. Yes, there are people who see sounds and smell colors who aren’t on drugs, such as artist Carol Steen. Want a psychedelic experience without the flashbacks? Go hear Steen expound on the taste of color and neurologist Richard Cytowic explain how everyone can perceive synesthetically. Groovy. At 6:30 p.m. at the Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden’s Ring Auditorium, 7th and Independence Avenue SW. $33. (202) 357-3030. (Annys Shin)