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I am disappointed in the review of Fugazi’s new album, The Argument (“Feels Like the Third Time,” 10/19). It is shameful for such a flawed and invalid review to come out of Fugazi’s hometown. Not that I’m advocating for all shine all the time, but really, Shannon Zimmerman, if you’re going to write a bad review, at least back it up with some valid points.

Zimmerman couldn’t be more wrong in accusing Fugazi of being “mentally tired” in the newest record. The reason there is still an element of frustration in the band’s music is because the members are still pissed off about the things they were pissed off at years ago. This doesn’t make them tired; on the contrary, it makes them one of the most steadfast, never-give-up, stick-to-your-values bands in modern-day music history. Your Minor Threat make-out scene obviously didn’t teach you squat about music.

Columbia Heights