As recent transplants to D.C., we were excited at the prospect of reading a review of the new Fugazi record (“Feels Like the Third Time,” 10/19) in the Washington City Paper. All too familiar with tired rehashing and generalizations about this band and its members, we expected a more insightful and focused review.

Much to our surprise, we found the review by Shannon Zimmerman to be misguided at best, and insulting to the band at worst. Has Fugazi not been around for more than 10 years? Has it not been recognized as one of the most influential and praiseworthy bands of our time? Does it not deserve to be separated from individual band members’ past projects?

Zimmerman’s excessive focus on Minor Threat and absurd description of Fugazi as “MacKaye’s grown-up band” seem to show that the writer has little understanding of the subject matter. Furthermore, who really cares about Zimmerman’s navel-gazing and pompous excursion into his own uninspiring past? Surely a review of a band of this caliber deserves more respect and consideration.

Can’t write more—gotta go buy the album.

Dan Fox