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Halloween 1977: A 5-year-old Princess Leia gambols about the schoolyard, tugging at her too-tight homemade sheet dress and wondering if it hurt when the real Princess Leia got stuck with that big needle. Halloween 2001: A 29-year-old crotchety former royal-leader-of-rebel-forces impersonator ponders for yet another year how to continue to celebrate the treasured holiday of youth. She decides that costumeless gorging on candy does not embody the spirit of the day. And she’s curious: How are things going for the real royal leader of rebel forces? Is she again locked in the eternal struggle? Or are she and Han Solo taking full advantage of their Blockbuster membership? Enviably, the girls who this year choose to be Cinderella don’t have to abide such fruitless musings; they can make their way to “The Haunting of Cinderella’s Kingdom!”—where they will learn what happened to the lovely after she encountered Prince Charming. All is revealed between 7 and 10 p.m. at the Good Knight Kingdom, 11001 Rhode Island Ave., Beltsville. $12. Ages 6 and up. (301) 595-8989. (Jennifer Agresta)