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Anyone who’s ever nursed a crush on Spock or Data will empathize with Cheryl Finkerman (pictured, left). The heroine of Glamonstrosity Inc.’s latest production, I Love Robot, comes alive when her inventor husband produces a robotic servant for the household. Cheryl immediately grasps the erotic potential of her own Tin Woodman, and her entrepreneurial instinct kicks in during a visit from a neighbor’s wife. Robot pimping is a pretty tame premise for the Glamonstrosity crew, whose aesthetics are dedicated to what can only be described as Theater of the Sophomoric. And though I Love Robot occasionally notches up the gross-out factor, the play achieves a loony hilarity less jaded than the company’s standard-issue schlock. Cheryl and her beloved sex machine cling together through infidelity, mayhem, and more mayhem, as I Love Robot gets down to the business of spoofing pop culture ranging from ’50s science fiction to women-in-prison movies. Glamonstrosity stalwart Lucrezia Blozia resembles the bastard offspring of John Belushi and Bettie Page as village dominatrix Sadie Istic, and as ever, she graces her Rocky Horror character with the improbable glimmer of an inner life. As the passionate, pandering Cheryl, Lara Rubin is evocative of Sarah Jessica Parker—that is, if you can imagine the actress breezing through a John Waters flick. Domo arigato, etc. at 8 p.m. Friday to Sunday, to Sunday, Dec. 9, at the Metro Cafe, 1522 14th St. NW. $10. (703) 248-1131. (Neda Ulaby)