I am with Goodwill Industries here in Washington, D.C. I am writing you because your article “Final Vinyl Days” (11/9) got me excited, for two reasons: One, Jason Cherkis was right on the money with his argument—he had me at “drawing pubes on O-Town.” And two, I think I can actually help you out. This is a self-serving pitch, but I truly believe it will benefit Cherkis and all self-appointed record geeks out there.

Every year, Goodwill has a huge used book sale at the Washington Convention Center. It is the largest sale of its kind of the East Coast. Among the hundreds of thousands of used books are thousands of records. The sale goes on for five days, and the tables are constantly restocked—every day, or every hour, if necessary. Record and book dealers have been known to sleep outside the doors so they can get first crack at the goods when the doors open. (This year’s event is this weekend.) There is no better way to describe this event other than to say it is just so cool!

Communications Associate

Davis Memorial Goodwill Industriesn