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Although I have recently given my resignation, I am still the manager of Now! Music and Fashion as of this writing. I was surprised at the article by Jason Cherkis (“Final Vinyl Days,” 11/9), not so much because his opinion itself is out of the ordinary, but because it occupied such a large space for an opinion piece. Cherkis took no time to actually speak with the owners or employees of any of the record stores he so unfairly attacks (in fact, in the dozen or so visits he’s made to this store, I’ve never had a conversation with him beyond taking his request for a record or ringing him up), and he doesn’t seem to provide any real insight into why it is that it’s so hard to find the records he wants in D.C. Instead, we are treated to stories of his utopian Pennsylvania record store and irrational condemnations of local merchants. (Sorry we don’t have Monk’s Music on vinyl, Jason, but it’s out of stock in that format. There was a CD reissue earlier this year, remastered with expanded material, but the last vinyl reissue has fallen by the wayside.)

The name-checking in the article is almost comical, and Cherkis clearly has no idea what he’s talking about in regard to what we do and do not stock. (I can call up at least a half-dozen items we stock from either Morr Music or 555 Recordings.) I won’t argue that our stock isn’t smaller than when we started, but it certainly doesn’t help the cause of record lovers to trash the record stores. Why not support them instead in the hope that they might be around as long as Yesterday & Today, Smash!, Orpheus, and many other long-standing pillars of our music community?

Manager, Now! Music and Fashion