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You can’t create the swan from one scrawny square of Bounty. Nor the basic fan or even the simple pocket, so don’t even try. The cardinal rule of napkin folding: Use cloth, preferably starched. Now don’t get all Martha Stewart is a homemaking fascist here, because Ko Kuwabara ain’t no Martha. Ko knows napkins. In fact, Ko devoted his 75-hour high school senior project to napkin folding, and he says that no paper is allowed: napkins, paper towels, old term papers, whatever. That’s just the way it is. If you wanna fold ’em, you gotta know how to hold ’em—and even two-ply ain’t gonna do it. So cut up some old cotton shirts and head over to “Set a Fine Table: Napkin Folding.” A full English tea follows the fold fest. And later you can check out Ko’s Web site, www.cukezone.com/napkin, for more advanced techniques. Nap’ time’s at 1 p.m. at Green Spring Gardens’ Manor House, 4603 Green Spring Road, Alexandria. $20. For reservations call (703) 642-5173. (Elissa Silverman)