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No hipster worth his Adidas stripes wants to be called a tourist. I could be on a Hawaiian cruise, drinking a mai tai and doing the limbo to the sound of a Jimmy Buffett cover band, and I’d still swear that I wasn’t a tourist. No sir, I’m a traveler. Get it straight. But toss in the adjective “space,” as in “space tourist,” and all my objections vanish. Score me a ticket to the moon and you can call me whatever you want. I’ll even wear a fanny pack. (Go ahead, strap it to my space suit.) Unfortunately, multimillionaire Dennis Tito has already established the price of buying a ticket into space—$20 million. D’oh! There goes my fantasy of discovering the first and last great beach on Mars. Learn more about space tourism when Space Adventures, a space-travel company, comes to town at 7 p.m. at the Ellipse Arts Center’s Meeting Room, 4350 N. Fairfax Drive, Arlington. Free. For reservations call (703) 524-7172. (Felix Gillette)