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Our American Taliban (Logan Circle Chapter) has commenced another jihad, in its never-ceasing efforts to control the private sexual conduct of consenting adults. Under the auspices of Lt. Diane “Osama bin Laden” Groomes (who otherwise seems to be a dedicated and competent police officer, accomplishing much good for the community), and under the guise of enforcement of archaic, ill-advised, repressive laws long overdue for modernization, and with the approbation of a Washington City Paper (“Smooth Operator,” 11/16) that should know better, our local moral fascists are once again attempting to force everyone to march in lockstep to the tune of their own moral drummer.

What possible objection can any rational person have to nude massages administered to consenting clients by willing masseurs? Obviously, none. And if (horrors and heaven forfend!) the massage process includes overt sexual acts plausibly constituting prostitution, why on earth not? Those wishing to refrain from such massages or prostitution are fully free to refrain; that is their loss (and it is a loss), but it is their right. But their efforts to prevent others from participating must be resisted by every means possible, in the interest of the basic, bedrock, foundational principle of our collective American morality: the inalienable right to the pursuit of happiness, which obviously includes both nude massages and prostitution for those finding their happiness therein.

These activities should be the object of reasonable regulation, fairly and rationally enforced, but not of prohibition or of exterminative crusades, as at present.