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I was surprised by the article that you wrote regarding the housing program offered by the Church Association for Community Services (CACS) (“House of Pain,” 10/26). I purchased a home from the CACS several months ago and have had a completely different experience from what was described in your article. I think the CACS is doing a great job and that this program provides a wonderful opportunity for people to become homeowners in the District of Columbia.

I wanted to write this letter because of my concern that your article might discourage others from taking advantage of the program. It does our community a disservice if teachers and other professionals who might become homeowners through this program and contribute to the communities where they live are discouraged by a couple of dissatisfied people.

Because of the CACS program, I was able to purchase a home at an affordable price. In addition, the CACS is completely renovating the home so that I will not have to manage the contractors and the renovation process. I have been very pleased with the quality of the renovation work that has been done to date, which has been completely timely. From the time I began to work with the CACS, when I attended one of its homeownership seminars, I have been impressed with its professional approach and the attention that it has paid to me during the home-buying process.

Please put me on the record as a very satisfied homeowner and a great supporter of the CACS. I hope that many more people will take advantage of the opportunity to buy a quality home through this program.