Richard Byrne’s column on post-Sept. 11 left-bashing (Press Corpse, “Pulp Bullies,” 10/26) was a breath of fresh air, made foul by the fringe ravings of the aforementioned op-ed columnists for the Washington Post and the always rancid writings of the New Republic. Just as the madrasas of Pakistan churn out Islamic hatemongers and bullies, so does the madrasalike New Republic churn out Zionist zealots and journalistic thugs like Krauthammer and Kelly. Why the Post picked up the droppings of the New Republic and provided them with a column to drop their hate on subscribers is a mystery to me. If Krauthammer and Kelly wrote about Jews as they do Arabs and pacifists, they would have been ridden out of town after their first raving.

It is unfortunate that a magazine with the reputation of the New Republic was hijacked by a movement of zealots and used to promote bigotry and hate. Running interference for Ariel Sharon’s ethnic cleansing of the occupied territories by attacking Americans is their prerogative. Maybe they will find more information in a pumpkin patch pretty soon that can be used to attack other elements of American society. It is high time, however, for other Americans to stand up to these anti-democratic elements. If the Post and New Republic want the United States to declare war on the world for the sake of Sharon’s colonial enterprise in the occupied territories, so be it. But until they have the guts to announce their intentions, I’m glad there is one newspaper with balls in this town to challenge their underhanded tactics!

McLean Gardens