Congratulations to the Washington City Paper for giving me something to line my birdcage with: the dribble called “Dog Days” (11/23). It would be refreshing to hear a story on the pit-bull controversy that is honest and accurate. However, while Paul Ruffins briefly mentions some of the vast amount of scientific data and political failures associated with misguided breed bans, he shoves them aside for sensationalism.

I have lived in this city with two dogs for many years now, and I have never had an incident with another dog. People need to respect dogs, just as we are supposed to respect other people. I never approach a dog without getting the human’s attention and respecting the dog. Just as I don’t think I would be happy with some goofy human running up to me and slapping me on the head, neither are many dogs. I have been bitten several times by dogs, none of which were pit bulls. One was the No. 1 family pet: a golden retriever. In this incident, as in the two others, I was completely at fault, I forgot to respect the dogs, and I learned a lesson.

There is certainly not much to say about D.C. Councilmember Kevin Chavous other than “recount!” How dare this myopic person compare dog lovers to the gun lobby? I can see how banning guns in D.C. has done such a wonderful job of stopping gun crimes—oh, wait, sorry: wrong analogy. How dare he degrade “voters” for organizing and lobbying on an issue so important to District residents? Voters should organize, oust him, and find a true representative.

As for the Washington Humane Society, it is severely underfunded and needs a complete overhaul of personnel. It will never get better until it has appropriate funding and a good staff. The organization’s support of the ban is wrong and misguided. Good people and proper funding will change this.

In the end, everyone again misses the point about the pit-bull dilemma, and that is understandable. Americans—and humans, for that matter—refuse to place the blame where it lies: on themselves. We are irresponsible, plain and simple. We simply breed dogs as a commodity, completely ignoring any responsibility.

So if the City Paper keeps up this kind of journalism, my peace doves will have something to read while going doo!

Dupont Circle