Public-opinion polls would have us believe that 99.9 percent of Americans support the U.S. government’s war in Afghanistan, but a whopping 2,000 peaceniks—young and old—voted with their feet at a Nov. 30 Kennedy Center Millennium Stage show honoring folkie singer Pete Seeger. Contrary to Washington Post reports, Seeger fans were treated to strumming from the 82-year-old protest singer, as well as performances by Seeger’s grandson Tao Rodriguez-Seeger and Sarah Lee Guthrie (Arlo’s youngest daughter), who played a handful of Seeger’s lesser-known works. If audience members didn’t get enough serenity and social awareness in the music, volunteers from the Maryland-based Peaceweavers handed out white paper doves for those who’d rather not wave the red, white, and blue. —Mary Guiden