Thank you for your feature article “Smooth Operator” (11/16). Let me first say how heartily I applaud the efforts of David Dienstag and especially Lt. Diane Groomes to shut down the International Body Concepts of the area. I am a licensed massage therapist in the District and can relate to the frustration. Although sex workers have not literally laughed in my face over my powerlessness, I have felt it figuratively.

Not only do D.C. sex-industry people have the money to place full-page advertisements under the auspices of my profession, creating the assumption among consumers that massage therapy equals sex, they also have the money to hire the lawyers that find the loopholes in the laws that I and my colleagues have fought to have on the books meant to protect our profession. Those looking for a legitimate massage therapist would do well to contact a professional association such as the American Massage Therapy Association, at, or 1-888-THE-AMTA(843-2682).

Dupont Circle