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While I stand second to none in my respect for Ronald Reagan, I found the article on the Ronald Reagan Legacy Project (“Ron Over,” 11/30) to be of considerable interest. The group has been profiled ad nauseam in various media outlets, but this is the first time I’ve felt compelled to comment, other than muttering deprecations into my morning cornflakes.

The surreal reason is unexpectedly finding myself in total agreement with D.C. Congressional Delegate Eleanor Holmes Norton, for perhaps the first time, causing considerable personal disorientation. Her astute comments (in stark contrast to Ralph Nader’s pathetic whining in the following paragraph) state it better than I could, as a reformed Sovietologist (put out of a job in my professional field partially by Reagan himself). I also have been struck by the eerie similarities between the RRLP’s party line and propagandistic tactics and the former Evil Empire’s littering of the countryside with hagiographic statues of the founding Bolshevik on the requisite Lenin Avenue in every city and remote village.

The RRLP’s worship of the 40th president is unseemly, somewhat creepy, and completely at odds with everything that Ronald Reagan stood for. Listening to David Kralik speak, I have a mental image of him enviously screening Leni Riefenstahl’s Triumph of the Will each morning before work.

Arlington, Va.