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TO DEC. 21

Puja Telikicherla and Ross Wolcott both are young photographers from the Washington area who have traveled extensively in China. But their joint exhibition at the Panhwa Art Studio in Georgetown suggests strikingly different artistic visions of the vast nation. Telikicherla’s images of blaring neon signs in busy downtown areas come in rich, saturated color. And though about half of XXhisXX photographs are night exposures XXrivenXX by clichéd streaking headlights, the others offer subtle surprises: One untitled image expertly captures the faint red glow of neon as it bounces off wet asphalt; another features an ethereal, possibly reflected, image of marching soldiers set against a moving bus; a third features a street scene partially obscured by an odd, textured stone sphere. Wolcott, by contrast, utilizes low-key black-and-white to chronicle quieter daytime scenes and inanimate objects. Several of Wolcott’s untitled works are uninspiring, but Wolcott can also be impressive: a child distractedly holding an animal skull aloft (pictured), a crate crammed full of candlesticks, a presumably XXupturnedXX shot of a ceiling that features peeling paint and an oddly erect light bulb. Wolcott’s finest image is of an artichokelike flower surrounded by lily pads on a calm surface of water; its silvery, almost solarized texture lends the shot an aura of peacefulness that complements the haphazard urbanity portrayed by Telikicherla. The artists’ work is on view from 1 to 7 p.m. Tuesday and Thursday and by appointment to Friday, Dec. 21, at Panhwa Art Studio, 1038 31st St. NW. Free. (202) 298-7010. (Louis Jacobson)