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A few thoughts after reading the Cheap Seats column about Heath Shuler (“Drafting Shuler,” 12/7):

It’s really pathetic that there’s nothing better going on with the Redskins these days than noting that the QB they ran out of town five years ago may run for Congress. Perhaps if impatient and arrogant Skins fans had given the rookie a little more time to develop (he was actually booed loudly and called a “million-dollar hillbilly” in preseason games his rookie season), your team might have actually turned the corner by now. As it is, Skins fans act like an obsessed, jilted lover—still trashing the ex five years after everybody else stopped giving a damn and moved on with life.

Perhaps Shuler can use his psychology degree to help give Skins fans the therapy they so desperately need. In the meantime, pop a Prozac and try to enjoy the rest of the Redskins’ losing season.

Also, a quick factual correction: The city of Knoxville and the University of Tennessee do not lie in the 4th Congressional District that Shuler may run in—they’re in Tennessee’s 2nd District, which is represented by John J. Duncan Jr.

Capitol Hill