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Reading Dave McKenna’s most recent Cheap Seats column (“Unsportsman of the Year,” 12/21) really angered me. No, I’m no big fan of Dick Cheney. In fact, I’m no fan of his at all. What angered me was that McKenna did not choose the real unsportsman of the year. The real unsportsman of the year would have to be Bud Selig. The now infamous commissioner of Major League Baseball has no idea what he is doing at all. He would not know anything about economics if it hit him with a fastball. It angers me so much that he does not want a team here in D.C.—and for some of the dumbest reasons I ever heard. I have no idea how he could have possibly become commissioner, but somebody has to get a team here, or get him out of there (MLB headquarters).

Bethesda, Md.