For more than a decade, Beethova Obas, the son of an artist “disappeared” by the Haitian Duvalier dictatorship, has been composing biting sociopolitical French Creole lyrics about life in his poverty-stricken homeland. But where others might snarl and scream, Obas croons: His lyrics are delivered in a sweet-timbred voice and are accompanied by lavish acoustic guitarwork and lilting rhythms that are heavily influenced by bossa nova and French chanson. Polished but never dull, Obas’ approach cleverly expands the Haitian traditionalist canon. He plays with Theatre Lacaye, Doudou Chancy, and Fanfan at 7 p.m. at the University of Maryland’s Clarice Smith Performing Arts Center, University Boulevard and Adelphi Road, College Park. $20. (240) 463-7196. (Steve Kiviat)