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Your contribution is appreciated.

So, to judge from the Washington City Paper’s verdict on “petty disputes” (The NIMBY Tribunal,” 1/25), your ideal city is smelly and vomit-filled, where developers build “beached whales” (J. Carter Brown’s description of the proposed Securities and Exchange Commission building), and billion-dollar bullies (Boys Town) sue citizens for signing petitions while they make millions by putting disadvantaged kids at risk by picking inappropriate sites so they can have a Pennsylvania Avenue address like their hero, George W.

I can’t speak to all of the neighborhood disputes on your list. But, to judge from the ones I know something about, every time there is an attempt to improve a neighborhood, you come down on the wrong side—against the residents.

At one point in the past, I looked to the City Paper to stand up for the residents of D.C. Too bad you have apparently abandoned that policy.

Capitol Hill