In his recent letter (The Mail, 1/18) taking Loose Lips to task (for her supposedly unfair treatment of Keith Andrew Perry), Richard E. Downing invokes the mythological beast Medusa. Given the unstoppable proliferation of “Draft KAP” placards and stickers (Loose Lips, 1/11)—all in violation of D.C. law, of course—on every lamppost on Capitol Hill, the more apt allusion would be to the Hydra, which grew two heads for each one that Heracles lopped off.

As for Perry’s claim that the posters are the handiwork of advisory neighborhood commission members acting independently: How dumb does he think we are? Perry is plainly positioning himself for a run—I personally observed him politicking months ago at a community meeting on Ward 6 ANC redistricting—and it strains credulity to suggest that this coincides fortuitously with the Creeping Sign Blight.

If Perry and his henchmen can’t be bothered to obey D.C.’s laws restricting illegal signage on public property, one might well wonder about his competence to serve as a maker of D.C. law.

Capitol Hill