If the legendary Charles Mingus had played baritone saxophone instead of bass, he probably would have sounded a lot like Hamiet Bluiett. Like the infamous Mingus, Bluiett plays with unhinged virility, gutbucket swagger, true virtuosity, and a near-confrontational emotional sweep. Both Bluiett and Mingus mastered the art of balanced, contrasting aesthetics, sounding controlled and unruly, brutal and beautiful, formidable and vulnerable—all at the same time. And the similarities go beyond sound: Bluiett’s stage presence is as imposing as Mingus’ ever was. But, unlike Mingus, Bluiett always adds joy to his expansive musicality, which, no matter how far-reaching it may be, sounds grounded in R&B. Tonight, he’s joined by Ghanaian master drummer Okyerema Asante and keyboardist Benito Gonzalez, forming an experimental trio that would’ve made Mingus proud. The show begins at 9 p.m. at Twins Jazz, 1344 U St. NW. $20. (202) 234-0072. (John Murph)