The trailer for Kung Pow: Enter the Fist is all wrong: Not only does that cheesy-looking karate cow make it look like the worst movie ever bankrolled, but the preview also fails to convey the promising angle of this parody. Writer, director, and star Steve Oedekerk—if you keep wondering, Where have I seen him before?, you’re probably thinking of Bob Saget—has digitally inserted himself into the 1976 movie Savage Killers and dubbed the dialogue a la Mystery Science Theater 3000, complete with high-pitched man-girl voices and others reminiscent of Chief Wiggum and Barney Fife. Sounds funny, right? Well, for about five minutes it is; the rest of Kung Pow will crack up no one but Oedekerk, his friends, and maybe someone stoned out of his mind. The movie’s main jokes—the bad dubbing of Asian action flicks and the slo-mo action sequences of The Matrix—have already been done to death; the numerous references to ass-kicking will make you think you’re watching an episode of Beavis and Butt-head; and one scene, with a deep-voiced, Lion King-esque figure advising the Chosen One (Oedekerk) from the sky and concluding his speech with “This is CNN,” is ripped right from The Simpsons. In addition to their goofy-sounding, ill-timed voices, some of the characters are also given a nonsensical, almost mewling kind of sound at the end of way too many of their sentences, which is grating if only because it’s unclear why it’s supposed to be funny. The only thing that’s really clever here is the name of the one-boobed woman (Jennifer Tung): Whoa—though you’ll know that only if you sit through the credits, and I can’t imagine anyone willing to stay that long. As you might have expected from the commercials, Kung Pow is the worst kind of Hollywood garbage—but at least Oedekerk’s intentions were good. —Tricia Olszewski