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In: Columbia Heights

Residents are opposing: Horning Brothers Inc. and Giant

Because: Neighbors want more neighbors, not a grocery store, at a key development site.

We Say: Paper or plastic?

In: Georgetown

Residents are opposing: Metropolitan Police Department

Because: Police installed a surveillance camera on top of Banana Republic.

We Say: Hey Sarge, check out the babe in the charcoal ribbed merino turtleneck!

In: Ward 4

Residents are opposing: Sale of single beers and malt beverages

Because: Councilmember Adrian Fenty says singles lead to public intoxication, loitering, assaults, the decline of neighborhoods, and poor health.

We Say: C’mon, one beer?

In: Cleveland Park

Residents are opposing: Tour buses serving the National Cathedral

Because: They double-park on Wisconsin Avenue and prowl quiet residential streets.

We Say: Coming soon: Speed III: Not on Our Street!

In: Capitol Hill

Residents are opposing: A monument to the Ten Commandments in the Rev. Rob Shenck’s front yard.

Because: It might give folks the wrong idea about neighborhood.

We Say: Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor’s yard art.