Pancakes. Waffles. Biscuits. Crepes. French toast. French fries. French women. Naked women. (OK, French men and naked men, too, but careful with that chest hair.) Ice cream. Cream of Wheat. Wheaties. Count Chocula. Boo Berry. Frankenberry. More naked women (French or otherwise, particulars not important, except for the naked part, of course.) Bacon. Ham. Scrapple. Breakfast sausage (oh, who am I kidding? All sausages welcome!). More bacon. A lot more bacon. Regular Milanos. Mint Milanos. Alyssa Milano. In fact, anyone from the cast of Charmed. (But not Who’s the Boss?, ’cause that’s just sick.) Fried chicken. Fried rice. Fried dough (boardwalk variety only). And, finally, the gratuitously fried but heavenly nonetheless Monte Cristo sandwich (sure, not exactly the most explosive of finales, but have you had one of those bad boys lately? Deadly but damn tasty). At today’s “Maple Syrup Boil Down,” you might learn about other appropriate uses (OK, biscuits may be a stretch) for the stuff, but you’ll mostly be schooled about where our sweetest condiment comes from. Things promise to get sticky from noon to 2 p.m. at Colvin Run Mill, 10017 Colvin Run Road, Great Falls. Free. (703) 759-2771. (Sean Daly)