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Last year, the city punished slumlord Rufus Stancil by forcing him to live in one of his multi-unit properties, 2922 Sherman Ave. NW. When police tried to enforce the condition, though, they couldn’t figure out which apartment Stancil was inhabiting. Last Friday, slumlord Randy McRae agreed to a similar settlement with the District to settle 10 counts of housing-code violations at a property on Ames Street NE. In this case, McRae must live at one of his buildings for six months. Unlike with Stancil’s plea agreement, which left the term “live” undefined and subject to interpretation, McRae’s punishment was carefully crafted by lawyers at the Office of the Corporation Counsel to make sure he’d get familiar with his property. Besides setting out the specific hours and days of the week McRae must be on Ames Street, as well as mandating that McRae wear a monitoring device, the sentencing agreement stipulates: “The defendant must submit the apartment number of his new residence to the Office of Corporation Counsel.” —Annys Shin