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Congratulations to Annys Shin for a straight-talking analysis of Washington’s bread scene (“Our Daily Dread,” 2/22). I’m one of those people who makes several trips a week to Marvelous Market or Firehook rather than buy bread at the supermarket. On the rare occasion that I buy from Fresh Fields or Sutton Place because it looks good, I’m kicking myself. I agree that these stores are dumbing down D.C. bread-eaters. I’m going to send copies of this article to the presidents and CEOs of Giant, Safeway, Fresh Fields, and Sutton Place, if only to make myself feel better. The sad truth is that these stores don’t care about the best quality; they care about making money. How to get more Washingtonians to skip those in-house bakeries and go to Marvelous Market or Firehook is the question. I’m in food marketing, and I wish I had the answer!

How about a review of supermarket vs. specialty-store cheese departments next?

Thank you very much!

Bethesda, Md.