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I had never read the Washington City Paper online before. I heard a promotion for a movie that sounded really interesting. While browsing your site, I saw there was a section on movies. In general, I like to make up my mind on movies. I listen to the critic but realize everyone’s tastes are different.

I had not seen A Walk to Remember (Short Subjects, 1/25), but I intended to see it. I never thought a critic would tell the end of the movie. I got the point that you feel the movie is no good, but is it fair for you to ruin it for everyone who reads your review? This was the only movie I was interested in; thus it was the first review I read. And truthfully, I’m afraid that the other reviews may reveal too much of their movies, as well.

I left the review with one mental note to myself: Don’t read the review section.

No, this is not going to ruin my day. I just thought maybe someone there would like to know how your audience reacts. Maybe you all could use a warning on the reviews to let the reader know the end is going to be told?

Lanham, Md.